To love yourself

While most people want to know how to be loved, should start with the question in reverse, as long as we deal with the question of how to love, we can not expect love from others.

And even on this issue, how to love, we can not get an answer until we learn to love.

You think it’s easy to love, and that the only problem is to find an adequate person?

Well, right there’s a trap!

And professor of mathematics is easy, but only after graduation.

And walking is easy, because we have forgotten the period when we learn this skill!

The first question we must ask is whether we love ourselves ??

All those who have inadequate emotional connection unfortunately have to answer negatively.

Learn properly  to love yourself is one of the most important but also the most difficult tasks.

The fact that today we are the way we are and that we needed a lot of, a lot of time to get to this point of our unique individuality is already reason enough to appreciate yourself.

We all carry within us a little or a lot destructiveness convictions collected over a long period.

Worst enemy is fear.

The fear of separation, loneliness, helplessness, inadequacy. Fear is such a powerful energy that quietly inside us destroys what little love we have for ourselves!

Always somewhere from the sidelines again raises the question: if I’m good enough / nice / smart / strong / …. What will happen if I stay … / … What if ….

There is no “if” and not “if”, it’s me and I want to spend this life with joy and love.

All my good and bad qualities are part of me and subject to change, with all its ups and downs I want to be happy today and tomorrow.

Tomorrow I may no longer be the same, but I’ll still be me.

Appreciate and love yourself means to preserve their own integrity.

Never fit the slavery illusory fears, because they only lead to masochistic or sadistic related to a thick layer of dust covered up their wounds.

In addition you have already heard a long time ago that what you’re afraid of, and it eventually catches up, and loneliness can be the most difficult in two.


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