The power of words

The power of words

The simplest is to always be honest and do not think about other people and their reactions. Then you can not go wrong, and people will believe you.
This is a prerequisite for good cooperation and partnership.

You were probably insulted lot of times, just because somebody said bad word or even worse, if  did not say a single word. Also did you fly to heaven when you get a nice word.

The word has great power. Behind are we, as we are. And what are we?

It depends on how you perceive. If we are aware that we have a divine being, then our words have creative power and full of love, gratitude and blessing, but if you experience as miserable and sinful being, then our words have a destructive force and full of fear, condemnation and hatred.
In the same way we experience and words of others. If we are aware of our self, then the words of other people experience with gratitude and blessing, but if we are in the ego then we feel the words of other people hurting and upsetting us.

“Honey, long time no hear word from you, have you forgotten me, I think about you.”

What do you recognize in these words? Someone will recognize incrimination, someone person who seeks love, but maybe it is person who just sent a message.

Therefore, it is an excellent indicator of our state of consciousness. We do not have  to ask anyone what will happen to us in the future, it is enough to pay attention to our words. And as we say, it will be so, of course, if we do not change.

Begin to change your dictionary
Imagine a situation where you meet friends and he asks you a banal question. If you could not wait for someone to tell you how horrible it is to work because you are exploiting a little pay, so your children do not understand how you do not have enough time for their hobbies, how you are sick … how, how, how and how endlessly, then you words are used to remove his passion.

There are only two options to have the conversation continue. The first is that you acquaintance says that in a hurry and it stopped just to say hello, and the second is that he recognize in you the person you can be together and whining buzz “culprits” for their suffering, and to continue to hang out together because you find a “soul mate”.
If you keep saying that I’m not, I do not know, then it indicates that you have your slum consciousness, so if you want to change their life experiences, then start to change your dictionary.

First remove the words which describe other people, especially if they are to blame and accuse, and start on the others speak only facts. For example, do not say he is capable or incapable, but say he has done and made it to; Do not say it’s rude but say the fact that she had done; Do not say it is not pretty but say she looks so and so. After a while you will start to speak in the first person – I think he’s incompetent, I feel the injury, believes she is not beautiful. This is the first step towards understanding that people are the way they are, and we’re giving them importance according to our criteria.

If someone did wrong or hurt you, then he be grateful that you indicate that you have a problem with yourself, otherwise you would not feel so.

Should we say everything we think?

People often ask me if they should say what they think, because they feel that there is no point in talking to anyone who will not understand. I need to talk whenever you want to say something and need to talk to those who want to say something, because I speak for my own sake, and not for others. Others will only serve to receive the contents of our consciousness and therefore they truly be thankful for. If you speak from the heart, what you think and how you feel, everyone will understand.

Others do not understand us only when we want to give the impression, when we want to get confirmation that we are worth, when we speak one thing and think another, when we use words to manipulate and control.

The simplest is to always be honest and do not think about other people and their reactions. Then you can not go wrong, and people will believe it. This is a prerequisite for good cooperation and partnership. There comes a time in which the honesty to be the only business ethics. The current economic situation is a result of thinking that only insincerity (unfairness) can succeed and prosper, and to be honest and fair man has hard and work hard for a crust of bread. This simply is not true, but it is the collective belief, and while we have it so we will be.

Secondly you need to do is to pay attention to his words when describing their experiences. Cut out three dangerous words: I did not, I do not know.
The word is never dangerous virus that is poisoning us and crisscrossed destroyed, because that word deny the existence of God and thus break contact with the Soul and Spirit. That is why I did not our only sin.

The three viruses – I am not, I don’t know, I don’t have

Consider how many times a day you say I’m not capable, I’m not beautiful, I’m not rich, I’m not free, I’m not strong, I’m not healthy … When you say it, you took yourself the opportunity to realize that value.

The truth is very simple and looks unlikely to be hiding in an “ordinary” word – I am.

Another equally pernicious word is – I do not have. If you are not able to, you do not have the ability, if not beautiful, you do not have the beauty, if you’re not rich, you do not have money, if you are not healthy, you do not have health …

I suggest you to urgently remove this virus from your vocabulary. When you notice that you’re saying that you do not have money, then stop and tell fact – I have 10 dollar, or have one dollar, because I assume that everyone has one dollar. If someone asks you for your health, say that you are healthy, because it’s true. The body can not get sick, but it can happen processes which we call disease. No one asks whether you have a process in the body through which will you learn about yourself, but you are asked for health, and health is seen as excellent. It is the same with other values, because all of them you already have in your consciousness – job, and wealth, and money, and security, and freedom, and prosperity and progress. All you have to do is become aware of this that you have it all.

It is enough to forever remove the word I do not have and convert it in I have. The word I have is the cornerstone on which you start build awareness of well-being. And when you change your consciousness, that will affect to your world.

This is easy. Just become aware of words you say (to others or to yourself).

Change these phrases in your life

I am not —> I am

I don’t have  — > I have

I don’t know —> I know


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