Recognize and accept your feelings



Sadness is a natural human emotion. Like other emotions, sad feelings come and go. Some sad feelings last only a moment, some last longer. When sad feelings ease away, a happier mood can take their place.


When you feels sad – that’s mean that you think you loose or lost something or you think that you don’t have something.


Find what it is that you think that you lost or you don have. And find a way to think in opposite direction.


You don’t have money to pay bills – OK that is fact but try to think that you HAVE money for food today, or you have a dollar. Yes you have only 1 dollar, but you HAVE.


You lost someone from your family that you love so much. That is very sad and we need time to pass by that sadness, but try for the moment to think – maybe she/he had to go for some bigger reason, maybe she/he have a better time now, without pain…

You only need 21 second to think positive and you will feel better…

Try it – you have nothing to loose 🙂

If you have any problem with some kind of emotion, you can write in comment, maybe we can help each other 🙂

Have a beautiful, lovely day fulfilled of love and joy!

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