Conscious Presence


Conscious Presence – get a better focus


To be aware of presence is when you are totally focused on the present and fully succeeding to do one thing at a time. When you open your senses and you are fully present, you are increases your ability to achieve results and to concentrate, feel less stressed and unbalanced in your life.

To all of us it happened that we sometimes talk with someone and noticed that we are not active listeners, we are physically present but mentally we find ourselves elsewhere. This feeling can be controlled by training our feelings here and now.

Aware of the presence is one of the oldest human instinct. We are mentally programmed to constantly be focused on signals of the body and the things that happen around us, but when we are in stress, we tend to close all impressions about ourselves and the things around us, and just focus on what needs to be done at a given moment. So, it will be a good idea to train your conscious presence.

The result of being here and now, for instance at work, often result with higher  efficiency.

In this way we can avoid wasting energy on constantly worry for various things, use our full potential and realize one more fun life as we become more receptive to the signals that we send to ourselves and to other people sent to us.

When we do not feel constant stress for the next commitment in our calendar, we give ourselves place and time for new ideas and creativity. Aware of the presence is something that we learn and can take several weeks before you notice concrete results of our investments of time, lova and excercises.




Feel the body signals

Stop for a few minutes, close your eyes and feel how you feel. Watch your thoughts, but let me just go without them devote attention or thinking about them. Take some deep breaths and pay attention to body signals and sounds around you.


Train yourself to feel your body

Sit or lie down comfortably in a quiet and peaceful room. Close your eyes and breathe calmly. Relax the whole body and feel the way you feel in every part of the body. Go systematically through the whole body and feel the body becomes heavy and relaxed. Try to stop the flow of thoughts and instead of that, pay attention to the impressions in your environment.


Take a micro break

Stop when you feel most stressful or when you feel that you would like to turn off your  brain for a moment. Sit down, close your eyes and focus on ten deep, slow breaths. Focus on how your body feels when you inhale and exhale and stop all thoughts . Sit down for a minute after that , rest and gather strength.

Do this exercise several times a day , as long as  you feel comfortable

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