The seed is the genesis of life. Each seed has been scientifically researched and selected for their unique beneficial properties to combat today’s health challenges.

Positive health, or “functional health” in layman’s terms, can be measured in three simple ways:

1. Performance – how one performs physically and mentally
2. Absence of ill health – lack of disease signs and symptoms
3. Longevity – healthy life span
Instead of thinking of the body as a machine that needs fixing, we first need to see the human body as complex adaptive systems.
But unfortunately, everyone’s adaptive systems are not made equal. Some people have “good genes” and others don’t, but everyone’s health is a result of how well their body adapts to the environment. When someone’s environment gets the best of them with stress, bad diet, pollution, exposure to viruses, allergens, and so on, their body can’t adapt any more and they get sick. Not fun.
But thanks to the products from Rain International, you can start combating that nasty environment of yours and take your health into your own hands. To date, 50 nutrients have been identified as being essential for good health. We know that the thought of even attempting to consume all 50 nutrients in one day can be overwhelming, which is why here at Rain International, we’ve made it easy for you.

27 Benefits of Rain Soul

1. Give extra energy, performance and stamina
2. Improve immune system
3. Prevent cardiovascular disease
4. Improve brain system
5. Weight loose
6. Regulate organs and glands
7. Improve recovery and healing
8. Improve digestion system
9. Prevent infection
10.  Make Bones strong
11. Protect genetic material
12. Produce beautiful hair, skin and nails
13. Improve athletic performance
14. Reduce/ prevent inflammation
15. Improve cardiovascular health
16. Boost production of bone marrow
17. Fight cancer with antioxidants
18. Regulate blood pressure
19. Lower bad cholesterol
20. Improve vision
21. Anti-aging properties
22. Help manage and prevent Diabetes
23. Fight Auto-immune disorders
24. Calm upset stomachs
25. Support healthy child development
26. Ease PMS
27. Prevent hearing loss

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